Cioccolato della Piazza dei Mestieri

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Il cioccolato della Piazza sui Social

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Cioccolato d'Autore

Unexplored flavors and enveloping tastes combined with an excellent aromatic balance. These are the feelings you will discover tasting our Copyright Chocolate boxes. What you are going to taste is not just chocolate, you’re going to taste an experience called Pleasure.

Le Delizie

Technique, Art, Passion and good ingredients are the secret recipes our Chef Chocolatier prepared for our “Delights” collection. A variety of many qualities and flavors differently shaped but with a single common denominator: the Good of homemade chocolate you can enjoy whenever you like.

Linea Zero

A selection we created to give you all the quality and sweetness of our chocolate even without sugar. The “Linea Zero” is a new way of conceiving chocolate and its tasting pleasure, following the idea: “good that makes good”. The “zero” chocolate has the same taste intensity of the traditional product but it’s a bit more healthy.

Confezioni Regalo

There are many situations where we can express our love for people we love, and at any time. These selections are offering you the opportunity to make elegant and unique tasting gifts to all those you love who will remember you for sure. You will conquer those you love with our sweet “Gift Boxes” format.