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People who make the difference

Enthusiasm, passion, team building and the desire to reach ambitious purposes, these are all the peculiarities you will find in the people who are working with our team. Unique and special ones, people who make the difference.

marina minniti cioccolato

Marina Minniti

Maȋtre Chocolatier

She was born in this world and she is still here: “ At home there was some smell of chocolate and I had grown up breathing chocolate. That’s why chocolate has become my Passion and my Job ``. So after having finished studying, she immediately started working in this sector and today she is responsible for all the the hand-made production.

katia matusse cioccolato

Katia Matusse

Production Assistant
enzo vaino cioccolato

Enzo Vaino

Packaging and storage

Stefania Battilana

Customer Management

Chocolatier Students

Lab Apprentices

Every week new students are coming to Piazza dei Mestieri and its Chocolate workshop. They are the students coming from the sweet and cakes classes to learn how our chocolate was born and to participate in the creation, processing, production and packaging of our chocolate. They are looked after and trained by Chef Minniti and his team. The spirit of Piazza dei Mestieri is sharing knowledge, improving skills and training new talents.