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Piazza dei Mestieri

A place where successful stories come through

Piazza dei Mestieri is successful since it produces an excellent quality homemade chocolate but also because it is one of the most dynamic educational and entrepreneurial organization in Italy. Every year hundreds of young people are trained by popular artisans and professionals who are used to express an important heritage of skills and a passion for a job which will help them to become the protagonists of their future. Piazza dei Mestieri has many production units where quality products and services are both projected and produced, and where students can be trained and have their first experiences too.


Chef Maurizio Camilli brings you local flavors, revisiting traditional recipes with creative and eclectic combinations in an elegant and fancy environment which is suitable both for a business lunch and an evening with friends.

In one of the most popular breweries in Turin you can taste the craft beers of Piazza dei Mestieri which are listed among the most loved by experts. The brewer and master Riccardo Miscioscia is offering his clients an unexpected variety of craft beers and range of aromas, flavors and intensities. Besides, if someone is not so interested in drinking a great craft beer, our Chefs have a special menu you can enjoy in an original and special place where you can spend lovely nights.



Our Bakery is offering his clients fresh and homemade bread every day. Our bread is made with excellent durum wheat, soft wheat and cereal rye flours. Besides, you can find focaccia, pizzas and homemade Turin breadsticks. These products are made with genuine ingredients which professional bakers are used to select and cook night by night so to give you the opportunity to taste good and genuine products every day.

Our Typography is a communication service dealing with graphic design, editorial production and digital printing. It addresses to professionals, companies, institutions,

non-profit and private associations. It works starting from the original project to the final product, so as to develop all the integrated and multi-channel communication projects: printing, web networks, mobile and social media.


Team Building

Piazza dei Mestieri is having and producing many team building activities for companies and professionals. The purpose is to develop problem-solving skills, the improvement of the team building approach as well as the employees’ feeling they are an important part of their company. Futhermore, this program includes other kind of engaging training, involving theatre and singing and not only cooking activities.

n the last few years Piazza dei Mestieri has become the point of reference for the cultural panorama in Turin and Piedmont too. All that time the huge variety of these events allowed the production of  many artistic projects which also involved a large number of visitors. Piazza dei Mestieri is able to offer you such a cultural scenario: Italian and local theatre companies, popular Italian and European musicians, but also writers, intellectuals and journalists who have been on its stage.


Formazione professionale

Piazza dei Mestieri is a place where young people can be educated, trained and taught to live together. Besides, it is a place where they can also understand how to have a positive approach to reality: learning, working, how to use their free time and improve their talents. At first, Piazza dei Mestieri was born to fight against the early school-leaving through an educational project which could be able to improve their affection towards real life. One of its purposes was to allow them to acquire knowledge and skills useful to get them ready for their future jobs but keeping them up with life in the School too. After ten years of activity, thousands of young people have been welcomed, betting on their ability to meet the challenges of life with freedom and responsibility. However, the innovating model of Piazza dei Mestieri is the successful meeting between Education and Work. The basic idea is that both of them can be a contribution to young people and their educational path as well as the development of such soft skills that Research and Education consider as the core of training.4

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