Cioccolato della Piazza dei Mestieri

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We create chocolate in Turin

We are making it following tradition and innovation all together. Tradition is that of an homemade workshop with its lab and team and that of a Maitre Chocolatier who is innovating and experimenting too. Innovation means to make our students participate into our chocolate production. A way to learn Chocolate Turin history day by day.

Cioccolato fondente a Torino

Cioccolato d'Autore

Our Chocolate is combined with flavors coming from tradition or innovation, either dark, milk or white: pink pepper, orange blossom, green apple, the matcha, hazelnut, pistachio, almond, mint, cinnamon.

I filetti di cioccolato

Le Delizie

We are making new traditional chocolates and popular delights of the Turin tradition. Pralines have been filled with the desire to experiment and find new tastes.

La cioccolata della Piazza viene dalle fave di cacao più rare e speciali del mondo

Linea Zero

Can sugar-free chocolate be good? Of course, it can. We have created a recipe with a natural sweetener made by fruit, vegetables and chicory fibers.

How Piazza dei Mestieri's chocolate is born

In a short video all our passion for chocolate

Chocolate creators

Salvatore Minniti

Chef Chocolatier

Marina Minniti

Maȋtre Chocolatier


Production Assistant

Talented Chocolate

Il Cioccolato della Piazza (Piazza Chocolate) is a collection of talents. The talent of our Chef Chocolatier Salvatore Minniti. The talent of young people who participate in the workshop of the School where to learn taste and life. The talent of the great Turin chocolate tradition. The natural talent of Piedmontese IGP hazelnuts, the aromatic cocoa varieties of South America such as Criollo and Trinitario. We mixed up all these ingredients: this is how our Chocolate was born.

Art Chocolate.


A selection of creative pralines into packages of ten, fifteen, twenty-five and forty pieces.
A sugar-free box of fifteen praline package is also available.

The Turin temple of taste

A whole block in town. Professional Schools, Chocolate Labs, a craft Brewery, a Restaurant, a Shop of flavors. This is Piazza dei Mestieri.
Here our young talents are studying, learning and testing their talent, working with our Chef Chocolatier.

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